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6-12kg/Min Fire Extinguisher CO2 Filling Machine Manufacturer

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Modelo:  GTM-B

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Model NO.: GTM-B Product Name: ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Filling Machine F Filling Precision: 1kg≦±0.02 Voltage: 380V or 220V 50Hz Overall Size: 1130X520X1350mm Payment Terms: T/T, L/C or as Buyer Required Agent: CO2 Size: 6kg Portable Extinguisher: Portable Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Retirement Life: 12 Years Power Source: Pressure Fire Extinguisher Transport Package: Wooden Case or as Buyer Required Origin: Tianjin, China Type: Transportable Fire Extinguisher Filling Speed: 6-12kg/Min Power: 0.55kw Weight: 200kg Delivery Time: Our Factory Has Stock Warranty: Within 3 Years Object: Class F Fires Certification: CE, CCCF, GB8013-2005, UL, CCC, SGS Effective Range: 9m Dry Powder Type: Ordinary Dry Powder Trademark: GTM-B Specification: 1130*520*1350mm 1.General Survey
GFM powder filler is a new product
developed and designed by our factory in combination with the characteristic of actual filling with reference to the advantages of its counterparts at home and abroad. Powder is rapidly absorbed into the cylinder to be filled by vacuum jet current. It is equipped with T3806 weight display of high precision and MP-T printer. The filling is automatic and quantitative. The residual dust on the filter is cleared by use of the negative pressure produced by vacuum. As it integrates electronics, electrical device and machinery into one entity, labor intensity is lowered and work environment improved. It is characterized by small volume, light weight, lower energy consumption, easy movement, simple operation and longer service life. So it is specially suitable for powder filling of fire extinguisher and also ideal for other powder filling sector.
I.Main Technical Parameters
Volume: Length ×Width ×Height (1130mm×520mm×1350mm)
Weight: 200kg
Voltage: AC 380v/220v 50Hz
Power: 0.55KW
Filling precision: 1kg≤+0.15
Filling speed: 6-12kg/min
GFM-8 Automatic fire extinguisher filling machine photo details:

Figure 1 Schematic Diagram of Powder Filler
Residual powder cylinder    2. Manual snift valve
3. Powder discharge outlet    4. Visual window  5. Filter assembly valve  6. Elevating screw  7. Filter assembly  8. Air main  9. Time relay  10. Control panel for electric devices  11. Power switch (leakage protector)  12. Suction pipe  13. Powder suction pipe  14. Admitting pipe  15. Power suction pipe  16. End cap for filling  17. Elevating hand-wheel  18. Motor  19. Vacuum pump  20. Cylinder to be filled  21. Sensor wire  22. Ground wire for scale bench  23. Electronic scale bench
II.Use and Application
In GFM powder filler, Y series motor of 0.55 KW is used as motive power to drive 2X vacuum pump, which can both satisfy the powder filling requirements of various fire extinguishers and suck powder out of the cylinder of the used extinguisher (refer to Figure 2). The filler adopts the filling method integrating speed and accuracy. Two filling modes, namely, continuous and operating are available, which are fit for manufacturers.
The filler is equipped with two powder suction pipe (Figure 2-15 and 2-13). In the process of filling, powder is filled into the cylinder from the powder suction pipe (Figure 2-15) via the end cap for filling (Figure 1-16). When powder in the used extinguisher cylinder has to be sucked out, the powder suction pipe (Figure 2-13) should be put into the used extinguished cylinder and the powder suction pipe (Figure 2-15) at the end cap for filling (Figure 1-16) changed into the powder suction pipe (Figure 2-13). Thus the used powder is sucked out. (The ineffective powder in the used extinguisher can't be sucked out).

Figure 2 Schematic Diagram for Filling and Maintenance of Powder Filler
Operation for use:
Pipeline connection
First have the powder suction pipe (Figure 1-15) properly connected to conical powder storage bucket in the warehouse (The conicity of the powder storage bucket is usually 3:2 according to Figure 2 and the user may determine its size in terms of the production capacity at its discretion). Then check if the connection pipes are loose.
The protective ground wire for powder filler should be connected properly. The ground wire for the scale bench (Figure 1-22) is designed for elimination of static electricity. Grounding is a must as static electricity is produced in the powder filling, which will interfere with the sensor of scale bench and the display. The grounding apparatus (Figure 3 and 4) is a transitional device for connecting the electrical devices to the earth. The grounding wire for the scale bench is connected to the embedded metal conductor or the group thereof and the grounding resistance should not be more than 4 ohm. The use of this protector for elimination of seatic interference with the scale bench and the display is an effective way according to many experiments.
3.Installation of power source
Connect the lead-in of the filler to the mains. The filler adopts a three-phase four-wire system for power supply. Mains output of three-phase four wire system must be through the same leakage protector if the lead-in is connected via the leakage protector.
Figure 5 Schematic Diagram for Control Panel of Electric Appliance
Voltmeter  2. Weight display  3. Net/gross set-up  4. ↑↓/peak value  5. Printing  6. Clearing  7. Automatic  8. Shelling  9. Reset  10. On/off  11. Indicator light for stoppage of filling  12. Button switch (left) automatic filling (right) filling  13. Indicator light for filling  14. Stoppage of filling  15. Indicator light for stoppage of operation  16. Start of filling 17. Indicator light for operation 18. Stop of operation  19. Indicator light for stop of cleaning  20. Start of operation  21. Indicator light for cleaning  22. Button switch (left) filling (middle) stop (right) cleaning
4.Trial Run
For trial run, first inch the [operation] button for several times (Figure 5-20) to see if the motor of the vacuum pump turns in the direction shown by the arrow on
the body. Then the V-belt for the motor and vacuum pump is put in place (as the belt is unloaded before leaving the factory, the motor must turn as the arrow directs). The cylinder of the extinguisher is put on the surface of the filler and the upper mouth of the cylinder is properly connected to the powder discharge outlet (Figure 1-3) without any leakage. The valve of filter assembly (Figure 1-5) is opened, the manual snift valve (Figure 1-2) is opened and button switch (Figure 5-22) set to [filling] position.
5.Start of weight display
Press [on/off] key of weight display (Figure 5-10). When nothing is put on the scale bench, the weight display will be in the state of self-inspection. Then the display will show in turn "-35-", "3806-CE", "UT-3.63", "2002-10", "1234567", "------", "dc×××". After a minute, "0.000" will appear, indicating the electronic scale resets automatically (see to it that before the display resets, any key shall not be pressed to avoid the confusion of display program). Then set up necessary weight parameters.
6.Parameter Set-up
Concrete procedures: pressnet/gross/setkey(Figure5-3)and the indicator will display "_____". Press↑↓ /peak valuekey(Figure5-4),the indicator will display
"dxxxxxx", then press net/gross/setkey(Figure5-3),and the indicator will display "txxxxxx" . Go on with net/gross/setkey(Figure5-3)and the indicator will display "cxxxxxx". Continue to pressnet/gross/setkey(Figure5-3)and the
indicator will display "nxxxxxx". Continue to pressnet/gross/setkey(Figure5-3)and the indicator will display "pxxxxxx". when the indicator displays "Lxxxxxx" and the value displayed differs from the necessary value, re-entry is needed. First, press↑↓ /peak valuekey continuously (Figure5-4)till
the value displayed previously on the screen is cleared to "0.000". Then the final figure will display ten figures "0-9" automatically in cycle. Just enter necessary weight value in the following way: when filling 4 kg dry powder, figure "L" should be set as "3.850". when the final figure displays "3", press ↑↓ /peak value key rapidly (Figure 5-4) to confirm. when the final figure displays "8",
press ↑↓ /peak valuekey to acknowledge. when the final figure displays "5",  press ↑↓ /peak valuekey quickly (Figure 5-4) to confirm. when the final figure displays "0", press net/gross/setkey(Figure 5-3). At this time the weight indicator displays "Hxxxxxx", this value has been formulated before delivery and it is not necessary to enter another value (Note: H value must be greater L value, if not, the filling equipment won't stop automatically at the required weight. H 
value should be entered in the same way as L value). Finally press net/gross/setkey once more (Figure 5-3). As the machine has a memory function, it is not necessary to set again for filling the same weight of dry powder. (The above xxxxxx is arbitrary number).
Place the cylinder to be filled (Figure 1-20) on the electronic scale bench (Figure 1-23) and set the end cap for filling properly (Figure 1-16). When the display 
[Steady ○ ] indicator light is on, press [reset] key (Figure 5-9) or [Shelling] key (Figure 5-8). Upon indication of "0.000" on the display, the shelling is finished.
8.Continuous filling
Two filling modes, namely, continuous and operating filling are available for the filler. For continuous filling, the button switch (Figure 5-12) should be set to [automatic filling] position. When in the continuous filling state, press [operation] (Figure 5-20) button, the vacuum pump will begin to work. The powder is sucked into the cylinder to be filled through powder suction pipe (Figure 1-13). When the set-up weight value is reached, the filling will stop of its own and the filter cleans automatically. In 3-5 seconds for stoppage of filling, filling will begin again of its own, forming a continuous filling. (The user may adjust the suspension time for filling in terms of different time needed for changing cylinder. Method for adjustment: Open the back cover, three time relays will be found. Just adjust No.1 in the left and set up the time relay, Figure 1---9. Then the time for night-hand rotation is increased and that for left-hand decreased). If in the process of filling, interruption is necessary, just set [button switch] (Figure 5-22) to the middle position. If the vacuum pump is to be stopped, just press [stop] button (Figure5-18).
9. Operating filling
For operating filling, the button switch (Figure 5-12) is set to [filling] position and press [operation] button (Figure5-20). The vacuum pump will begin to work.
Then press [start of filling] button (Figure 5---16). The powder will be sucked into the cylinder to be filled through powder suction pipe (Figure1---15). When the set-up weight value is reached, filling will stop of itself, press [start of filling] button (Figure 5-16) once for each filling of one cylinder. If interruption is necessary during the filling period, just press [stop of filling] button (Figure 5-14). For suspension of vacuum pump, just press [stop] button (Figure 5---18).
10. Printing
If the power filler is equipped with a printer, data on the net weight, tare weight, gross weight, time, date and serial number will be printed out automatically after stoppage of filling.
IV. Removal of Dust from the Filter
In normal conditions the filler will clean the filter once automatically after filling of one cylinder. As the powder has great adhesion, when it is necessary to clear the residual dust thoroughly from the filter, the powder cylinder (Figure 1-1) has to be placed on the surface of the filler with the upper mouth of the cylinder butt-jointed to the powder discharge outlet (Figure 1-3), where no leakage occurs by use of elevating hand-wheel (Figure 1-17). Open the Valve of the filter assembly (Figure 1-5); close the manual snift valve (Figure 1-2) and set the button switch (Figure 5---22) to [cleaning] position. Then the vacuum pump will keep on working as long as [stop] button (Figure 5-18) is not pressed. Under the action of the controller, the solenoid valve will bleed and make up air
to the filter assembly through internal coordination. The filter is cleared by use of the air pressure due to negative pressure. After clearing is finished, the manual snift valve (Figure 1-2) is opened, button switch (Figure 5-22) is set to [filling] position and filling begins again.
V. Calibration of Weighing Criteria
In order to avoid confused programs and halted system in the weight play due to mal-operation or misuse by idlers, a calibration switch is installed at the tail of the filler. In normal use of the electronic scale, this switch is in an off position. If set to [ O ] position, no confused program or halted system will be seen even by mal-operation. If the weight is found inaccurate in the use of the electronic scale, weighing criteria have to be calibrated by setting to [-] position to turn the switch on. After the calibration is completed, do turn the switch off to [ O ] position.
Before calibration, get a weight or an object of known weight ready. For example, the known weight is "28.650" kg. Press [on/off] key on the display of electronic scale (Figure 5-10). When "-35-" is shown, quickly press [net/gross/set-up] key Figure 5-3), "-ULOAD-" will be shown . then press [net/gross/set-up] key Figure 5-3), "××××××" internal code figure will be shown. In a minute " LOAD" will be shown automatically. At this time the object of known weight is placed on the scale bench. Press [net/gross/set-up] key (Figure 5-3), "××××××" loading internal code figure will be shown. In a moment " LOAD-in" will be shown. Again press [net/gross/setup] key (Figure 5-3). "L0.000" will be shown.
Press [↑↓ / peak value] key (Figure 5-4) for confirmation. Then ten numbers of "0-9" will be shown in a circle automatically at the last figure. If the standard weight is "28.650" and "2" is shown at the last figure, press [↑↓ / peak value] key quickly (Figure 5-4) for confirmation. When the last figure is "8", press [↑↓ / peak value] key (Figure 5-4) quickly for confirmation. When the last figure is "6", press [↑↓ / peak value] key (Figure 5-4) quickly for confirmation. When the last figure is "5", press  [↑↓ / peak value] key (Figure 5-4) quickly for confirmation. When the last figure is "0", press [net/gross/set-up] key (Figure 5-3) quickly, the display will show "28.650". Then press [on /off] key (Figure 5-10) and remove the object on the scale bench. Press [on /off] key (Figure 5-10) without any object on the scale bench. The scale will reset automatically and the calibration of weight criteria is completed.
VI. Possible Faults and Their Removal
Symptoms Troubles Corrections
Motor doesn't run after energization Leakage protector is off Check if leakage occurs and energized after removal
Fuse is open or loose Replace and tighten
Heat relay is open Check if damage occurs and reset by pressing the reset button
Contactor is broken Repair or replace
Control circuit is cut off Properly connected
Leakage protector breaks after energization Power line connected improperly Have the filler and power source of three-phase four-wire system connected properly
Mains output of three-phase four-wire system is through one leakage protector Mains output of three phase four-wire system must be through one leakage protector
Suction pipe doesn't s work after operation Pipe and joint leak Repair
End cap for filling not in place Be in place
Suction solenoid valve is not opened Have it opened
Manual valve not opened Open it
Powder suction is suspended after operation Suction pipe is blocked Remove the pipe to see if it is reduced and joint blocked
Pipe leaks Repair
Obvious dust exists in the air main Filter is damaged with leakage Replace
Check the filter for a second time
After the motor is started, the automatic part doesn't work Contactor is damaged Replace or repair
Time relay is damaged Replace or repair
The display flashes or figure is abnormal    
Sensor of the scale bench fails or the plug is loose Check if the welding in the plug of sensor is loose or have it tightened
  Seatic electricity in the Static electricity in the end cap for filling Ground wire for the Ground wire for the scale bench is not connected firmly or metal conductor is not properly fixed
Automatic stoppage fails when the weight requirement is met H value is smaller than L value Enter H value the same way as L value and the former must be greater than the latter
VII. Maintenance
No impurities are allowed in the powder being sucked by the suction pipe;
No powder in excess of the moisture percentage specified and corrosive powder shall be used to prevent equipment from being damaged;
No electronic scale shall be operated at a damp, vibrating or swinging place so as not to damage its elements and precision;
No water or lumber shall be put into the electric elements of the equipment and the display to prevent leakage or damage of electric elements.
After each use of 5000 hours, check if the filter is damaged or blocked;
After completion of each operation, the manual suction valve should be closed and button switch (Figure 5-22) set to [cleaning] position to clear the filter for many times and remove the residual dust in the filter assembly. Them the valve of the filter assembly is opened (Figure 1-5).
Inspect the oil level in the vacuum pump, which should be in the middle of the two oil leveler line of the mirror.
After the vacuum pump has been used for 3-6 months, the vacuum oil should be changed once where the pollution is serious, interval of oil change shall be shortened as the case may be.

VIII. Packing List
Serial No. Name Size Quantity Unit
1 Powder filler GFM 1 Unit
2 Electronic scale bench T3806 1 Unit
3 End cap for filling Ф120mm 1 Piece
4 Suction pipe Ф15mm 4 Meter
5 Valve Ф65mm 1 Piece
6 Discharge outlet   1 Piece
7 Rubber gasket Ф65mm 2 Piece
8 Plain rubber gasket Ф25mm 5 Piece
9 Certificate of conformity GFM 1 Copy
10 Directions for use GFM 1 Copy

1.Professional manufacturing factory.
2.Good quality&service control system, produced by skilled workers.
3.Over 40 years experience of manufacturing marine&land steel pipe fittings.
4.Near Tianjin port-XINGANG, convenient and low cost for transport
5.Flexible payment method.
6.Timely and effective delivery
Any question please Contact:
Hebei Bohai Pipe Fitting Group Co., Ltd.
Contact person:vicky

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